DOCTalks Presents Film Series


DOCTalks Presents is a documentary film series organized by DOCTalks Festival & Symposium Inc. and two non-profit community television stations in the Maritimes – CHCO in St. Andrew’s, NB and CIMC in Arichat, NS. Both television stations are CRTC licensed and collectively reach an estimated 800,000+ households in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and across Canada via UHF antenna, basic cable tier, satellite television, and Internet service providers.

DOCTalks Presents offers a unique knowledge mobilization/dissemination opportunity for researchers to present their research findings through documentary film, and for documentary producers to further distribute their documentary films beyond film festivals and community screenings.

Beginning in 2024, CHCO and CIMC will annually allocate up to 365 hours per station to air short, medium and feature length documentary films on the DOCTalks Presents film series. If you own a documentary film(s) and would like it to be considered for the DOCTalks Presents film series, please review the following criteria and send a Letter of Interest to the contact below.

All documentary films selected will receive a one-year, non-exclusive, Broadcast License , to air the film once every month on CHCO & CIMC television stations (12 months x 2 TV stations = 24 plays per year).


• Independent documentary films 5 minutes or longer that have not been licensed by a CRTC regulated broadcaster-streaming channel in Canada. 
• Documentary films in English, French or any language with English subtitles.


For more information about the DOCTalks Presents documentary film series and to submit your Letter of Interest, please contact:

Please note: DOCTalks also seeks to collect information from participants with the intent to use research findings to enhance and strengthen the documentary ecosystem in Canada, and to further develop best practices and principles guides for creating, funding and mobilizing knowledge-based documentary media content across sectors.

Canadian Household & Audience Reach

The household and audience reach of CHCO (Saint Andrews, NB / English language) and CIMC (Isle Madame, NS / English & French language) is based on their CRTC call sign carriage via UHF antenna, basic cable tier, satellite television, and Internet service providers. Both non-profit community TV stations have been in operations for over 30 years and generate most of their revenue from TV bingo.

CHCO has access to an estimated 400,000+ households and 1 million people in New Brunswick and across Canada: UHF Antenna (Saint Andrew’s, NB) on Channel 26; Rogers Cable (Charlotte County, NB) on Channel 126; Bell Fibe TV (New Brunswick) on Channel 26; Bell Satellite TV (New Brunswick & Canada) on Channel 539.

CIMC has access to an estimated 400,000+ households and 1 million people in Nova Scotia and across Canada: UHF Antenna (Isle Madam, NS) on Channel 10; Seaside Cable (Cape Breton, NS) on Channel 63; Eastlink Cable (Nova Scotia) on Channel 4; Bell Fibe TV (Nova Scotia) on Channel 17; Bell Satellite TV (Nova Scotia & Canada) on Channel 536.

Note: According to Statistics Canada’s 2021 census, there are an estimated 16,284,235 private dwelling households in Canada containing an estimated 2.51 persons per dwelling. Based on this, CHCO and CIMC can collectively reach an estimated 5% of all Canadian private dwelling households containing an estimated 2 million people.