When I was first asked to recollect the 2015 DocTalks Festival and Symposium, it was one of great difficulty for me as an individual.  I say this because, during my 30+ years of involvement in Commercial Photography as a Freelancer, the DocTalks Festival was in essence “just another job” and at the time I didn’t or couldn’t foresee my involvement with the organization and how within it, my career as a visual artist would develop. 

Freelance Photographers go from one opportunity to the next, ensuring that each commission is executed as professionally and completely as the one before; the 2015 DocTalks F & S fell under this construct.  Incredibly, I couldn’t recall what commissions took place before it, nor what followed directly afterwards.  I can now equate this to a “clearing of the mind” so that each commission is approached as its own event and is not biased or prejudiced in any way that may affect my overall performance or professionalism.   When it comes to my photography the statement “He has the memory of a Goldfish” rings true!

Now that I’ve been formally asked, I have amazingly taken the time to try to piece together this event, so here it goes…


2015 Festival & Symposium Gallery