DOCTalks seeks to promote cross-sector collaborations between creators – documentary producers, academic researchers, charities, governments, foundations, and broadcasters – to produce knowledge-based documentary media projects. This includes showcasing projects that involve knowledge mobilization and the dissemination of applied research using various documentary media content.

Producing knowledge-based documentary media content involves multiple cross-sector creators collaborating to create, fund and mobilize long form documentary films, short videos, podcasts, immersive learning technologies (virtual & augmented reality, apps, games), interactive websites and social media activities.

Over the last 10 years, DOCTalks has undertaken a number of initiatives to develop a best practices & principles ecosystem, where some activities are well established and others are still works-in-progress. 

The DOCTalks Ecosystem

Why Academic Researchers are part of a Community of Creators?

DOCTalks and Springboard Atlantic produced a short video to explain why academic researchers should mobilize their knowledge as part of a community of creators.