Documentary filmmakers are finding it more difficult to air their films on TV stations in Canada. In July 2016, members of DOCTalks, CHCO TV (a community TV station in St. Andrew’s, New Brunswick) and independent filmmakers met in Fredericton, NB, to try and address this issue.

Their solution was a series called “DOCTalks PRESENTS” which was piloted from March to August 2017 on CHCO TV. The series presented eight documentary films from independent producers in Atlantic Canada and eight from the National Film Board of Canada.

Given its initial success, DOCTalks PRESENTS will return again from March to August, 2018. This time it has grown to include CIMC, a community TV station in Arichat, Nova Scotia. Both stations are found on UHF channels, Cable TV, ALIANT fibre OP, and Bell satellite. This gives DOCTalks PRESENTS a potential audience of 100,000 viewers in New Brunswick, 500,000 in Nova Scotia and over 800,000 across Canada. We invite you to be a part of the 2018 DOCTalks PRESENTS on CHCO & CIMC TV Series.


Submissions will appeal to a wide range of people and audiences, covering numerous issues, and subjects. We welcome an eclectic range of documentary films that showcase different story telling styles & techniques. NOTE: we do not accept reality TV or lifestyle programs.



  1. DOCTalks Presents: One Hour Strand – films 40 to 60 minutes in length
  2. DOCTalks Presents: Feature Length Strand – films over 70 minutes in length


  1. English language, French or other languages with English sub-titles accepted;
  2. HD or SD video;
  3. MPEG 2 or MPEG 4 files (no tape, Quick Time or other media accepted);
  4. Aspect Ratio 4:3 or 16:9, 29.97 Interlaced;
  5. Closed Captioning & Video Description is accepted but not required;
  6. FTP Delivery Method (i.e. Vimeo, We Transfer, Dropbox).


Upon acceptance, the producer will sign a television license agreement with DOCTalks Presents for non-exclusive, Canadian TV rights, allowing CHCO & CIMC to air and promote the film between mid-March and late August 2018. Each film will air six times during the licensing period:

  • 1st run – airs two times
  • 2nd run – airs two times
  • 3rd run – airs two times

No license fee can be provided at this time, but CHCO & CIMC will promote all DOCTalks Presents films on their website, social media and through TV listings (i.e. online, newspapers, cable & satellite channels). We also encourage the film producers to promote their DOCTalks Presents documentary films using various media (website, email, social media, media release).

NOTE: DOCTalks is currently investigating a DOCTalks Presents TV Series & Fund, with the goal of providing “production funding & television license” to assist cross-sector, documentary media projects in the near future. Upon establishing this fund, DOCTalks will be inviting producers that participate in the DOCTalks Presents TV Series to apply.


On a “first come” inquiry basis, between 8 and 16 documentary films will be selected for the 2018 DOCTalks PRESENTS on CHCO & CIMC TV Series.

If you have a documentary film that meets our creative, technical and licensing requirements, please send an email to: by January 31, 2018 with the subject line “INQUIRY – 2018 DOCTalks Presents on CHCO & CIMC TV Series”.

Your email should include:

  1. Name and contact information including your affiliation with the documentary film;
  2. Documentary film title, length (minutes), and format info (language / subtitles, HD or SD, aspect ratio,
    closed captioning & video description if applicable, FTP delivery method);
  3. Film synopsis, two promo stills, link and password to preview the film (Vimeo, Youtube, etc.);
  4. URL website and social media links for the film and/or production company.


For more information contact, Lloyd Salomone, Program Committee at:

DOCTALKS Presents on CHCO & CIMC TV Series
PO Box 432, Fredericton, New Brunswick, E3B 4Z9