DOCTalks invites documentary filmmakers, academic researchers and community groups collaborating
on a documentary media project to participate in the 2018 DOCTalks Festival & Symposium to be held in
Fredericton, New Brunswick on June 11 to 13, 2018.

DOCTalks showcases projects involving knowledge mobilization, dissemination and distribution of
applied research using documentary media (feature & short films, podcasts, interactive websites, social
media). The Festival & Symposium is designed to appeal to documentary filmmakers, academic
researchers, community groups, governments, foundations and broadcasters.


Summaries and abstracts involving “cross-sector collaboration” using documentary media to mobilize knowledge will be evaluated on the following key themes:

  • Why collaborate?
    Why should professional documentary filmmakers collaborate with academic researchers, and community organizations?
  • How to collaborate?
    How can we collaborate with each other to create, fund and promote a knowledge-based documentary media project?
  • What are best practices for collaborative storytelling?
    What have you learned from collaborating with professional documentary filmmakers, academic researchers, and community organizations about ways to effectively tell your story.

Submissions from professional documentary filmmakers, academic researchers and community organizations are welcomed. Submissions will be reviewed by the Festival & Symposium programming committee and will consider four types of cross-sector, documentary media contributions:

  1. Documentary Film Screening & Talk (1 to 2 hours in length)
  2. Presentation (45 minutes in length)
  3. Panel Discussion (45 minutes in length)
  4. Workshop (45 minutes in length)


Submissions accepted for the 2018 DOCTalks Festival & Symposium will be featured on the DOCTalks website in advance of the event to promote and facilitate further collaborative opportunities. Those screening documentary films & giving a talk will be in attendance at the event. To facilitate clear and accessible audience engagement, successful submissions for a presentation, panel discussion or workshop will be asked to prepare their audio-visual material in advance for pre-event technical testing (PowerPoint, documentary media & online content).

*All selected applicants will receive complimentary registration for the 2018 DOCTalks Festival & Symposium. Accommodation and travel-related costs are not covered. Films accepted for the “Documentary Film Screening & Talk” program will receive a $100 public screening licence fee.


Summary and abstract submission deadline is January 31, 2018. Notification to applicants is February
28, 2018. Please prepare your submission using the following format:

1) Cover page including:

a. Name and contact information including your affiliation and the name of project team.
b. The title of the submitted work.
c. Whether your submission fits within one of the four themes in the “selection criteria” above.
d. Please indicate whether your submission is for a: Documentary Film Screening & Talk, Presentation,
Panel Discussion or Workshop.
e. URL website and social media links related to your submission.

2) Summary or Abstract of the work (250 words maximum).

Please email the cover page and summary or abstract as an MS Word or PDF attachment with the subject line: “SUBMISSION 2018 DOCTalks Festival & Symposium” to by January 31, 2018.


Please send all “Call for Submission” inquiries to: with the subject line “INQUIRY – 2018 DOCTalks Festival & Symposium” and we will get back to you in a timely manner.